Year End Procedure Help Guide

In our latest ‘Year End Procedure Checklist‘ post, we highlighted that the Legal IT Accounts Department recently created a Year End Procedure Checklist to help our users with everything from back-up to close-down.

Following on from this, we received a number of enquiries relating to the financial year end. To help our Partner for Windows clients further, our Accounts Team have sought to expand on what was detailed in our previous release.

For those that may be unsure of the on-screen procedure, we have specifically created a ‘Year End Procedure Help Guide’ to help you through the process. This step-by-step help guide provides the screenshots and procedure required for your year end close-down.

For anybody currently in the process of completing their Year End, we would suggest that you utilise our new guide in addition to our Year End Procedure Checklist, which was previously sent.

If you are currently subscribed to our mailing list you should have already received your copy of our ‘Year End Procedure Help Guide’. If not, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact or call our office on 021 4826320 to get your copy today!

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