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Time Recording

Sound financial management starts with time recording.

site-ico-img-5Time recoding is an essential part of any legal practice for both building revenue and as an effective management tool. Fee earners who are disciplined with their time recording tend to be better at billing and collecting cash. Remember, the more time you capture, the more time you bill!

Due to the increased pressure on solicitors to justify their fees, legal time recording is gaining popularity in recent years. At Legal I.T. we can help firms implement this process simply and easily. Our Partner for Windows software is the ultimate practice management solution with a full time recording module. Consisting of a seamlessly integrated range of modules, our Time Manager allows you record time as quickly and easily as possible.

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Easily record time: Our time recording solution efficiently captures any time and is accessible even when using other applications. It’s just one click away!

Multiple ways to capture time: There are multiple ways that time can be captured and entered into Partner for Windows. For example: Time Sheet Entry, Automatic Time Clocks, Time Linked to Documents, Time Manager.

Flexible software designed to suit your needs: Our time recording solution is designed to suit the different ways of working that exist in the legal profession. For example, a corporate solicitor using interim billing for his or her clients works in a different way to a Litigation solicitor.

Produce powerful reports: Partner for Windows Time Manager produces powerful on demand and periodic reports to support the analysis of the captured time recording data. Utilising these reports can help a firm analyse where they are making money and where they are wasting it. Many firms use this data to redistribute certain case types within their office.

Key management tool: Use with Time Targets to provide very valuable management information. For example: Fee Earner Time, Time Recorded against Target, Time recorded analysed by Activity, and Time value billed.

Our team is here to help: Each time recording project involves careful consultation with the firm by our Accounts and Finance team. With agreed goals, our team can devise a system that both mirrors the way a firm works and allows accurate recording and analysis of their data.


Call a member of out team today on +353 (0)21 4826320 or email us at

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