Support & Training

Legal IT offers the most comprehensive support services available to solicitors in Ireland. With two offices, one in Dublin and one in Cork, we offer nationwide support and we mean it.


Training is considered by Legal IT to be of paramount importance in the successful installation of any system. Our greatest attribute for future developments is the ability and flexibility to respond promptly to each change.

The personnel within the training department offer a diversity of individual professional skills and expertise and work to develop the client’s understanding and practical use of the software supplied and installed by Legal IT. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training

When it comes to your firm’s IT security everyone has a part to play. Even the most sophisticated, secure systems are not safe if you don’t train your employees (they are the weakest link) on proper email and internet usage and how to recognise potential threats and scams.

We understand that most people don’t need to know the in-depth technical details of malicious software. With this in mind we have developed a tailored course to help you stay out of trouble. In simple straight-forward language we will provide your employees with the knowledge needed to recognise and prevent incidents – before they happen.

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