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Cyber security is not just for large law firms. Business of all sizes are under threat from increasingly aggressive cyber attacks and security breaches. It’s simple. Data is valuable. Every law firm has a responsibility to protect and safeguard both their clients data and their own. Are you protected? Help understand the threats and build the best possible defense with the help of Legal IT.



Stop Ransomware Before It Takes Your Files Hostage

Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting organizations today. It encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity.



Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware—even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. And once ransomware gets intercepted, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states.


Want to learn more? Take a look at the Sophos Intercept X: CrptoGuard Anti-Ransomware video. It’s only one minute long!





Stop the Phishing

Phishing is a massive issue for your customers. The meteoric rise in phishing attacks has led to $3.1 billion in damages in 2016 alone. The Sophos anti-phishing campaign helps you be your customers’ trusted adviser when it comes to stopping phishing attacks. It provides the latest information on this growing threat, along with excellent tools to help customers educate their own users on how to avoid taking the phishing bait.



With Sophos you can protect your customers at every point in the phishing attack chain:

  •  Protect the weakest link – users – with Sophos Phish Threat.
  •  Stopping threats at the door with Sophos Email and Web Protection.
  •  Secure the last line of defense with Sophos Intercept X.






Sophos XG Firewall

Insight, simplicity, and advanced threat protection. The Sophos XG Firewall has been built from the ground up to take the pain out of everyday tasks and to provide world-class protection.



This is a fantastic opportunity to get on-board with the next generation of firewall technology. It features key USPs such as the innovative, single-pane dashboard that gives real-time insight into your network. Unified policies for users, apps, and networks makes policy management much simpler. The industry-first Security Heartbeat enables communication with your Next-Gen Endpoint—making your security setup even stronger.



Make sure your firm is protected and using the best solution for your practice. Get in touch with our team today!


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