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We dedicate ourselves to provide the most comprehensive range of solutions to solicitors in Ireland.

Tikit Partner for Windows

Delivering tailored solutions to improve law firm efficiency and effectiveness is what we have been doing since 1999. Over 160 legal practices now benefit from the Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) solution covering practice and case management.

Our software and support services will keep your firm ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive market. In short, Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) will make technology work for you like never before.


Key Features

Practice and Case Management in one easy-to-use application

Accounting, Billing, Time Recording and Compliance

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office allowing users create a truly electronic file

Offered as an on-premise or hosted solution

Intuitive access to integrated 3rd party tools for client collaboration, document bundling and document comparison

Integration with Tikit eMarketing and Tikit Connect CRM

Digital Dictation

We can provide you with a comprehensive digital dictation system tailored to your specific needs. We are proud to be the only fully certified Irish partner with the ability to supply and support the entire Philips Speech Processing range of dictation products. Whether you are an individual or a large practice, if you work in the office or at home - we can tailor a dictation solution to fit your requirements.

We will look after every part of the process, from advising which system would suit your needs, to implementation, training and on-going support.

Philips product

Key Features

Custom dictation workflows

Mobile integration with work from home access

Voice recognition integration

Scalability - from 1 user to thousands

Flexibility - multiple ways to record

Encryption and backup for security

Cloud based or local storage of dictations


Worldox is an easy-to-use Document Management System (DMS) where you can save and retrieve content more efficiently with one-click save options and Microsoft Office integration.


Features Included

One-click save option

Microsoft Office Integration

Full document text search capability

Search, retrieve and view from MS Outlook


Bundledocs is a fully-featured cloud solution that organises your documents into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes.

Bundledocs product


Automation with templates

Bookmarks and searches via OCR

Flexible bundles with watermarks and indexes

Apply changes with ease

Annotations with highlighting and comments

Integrates with world leading case management systems


A cloud based collaborative data sharing environment for your teams and clients. Hubshare is an all-in-one solution where you centralise all your internal and external data and interactions.

Hubshare product

Key Features

Collaborative Digital Workspace

Secure File Sharing

Client Portal

Document Management

Project Management

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