Managing Emails – Solutions to the Eternal Problem.

site-ico-img-7Partner Mail is the new improved email management tool from Tikit. It sits in Outlook and allows you easily manage how you save emails in Partner for Windows, but most importantly, how to do this in a way that makes it easy to retrieve in the future.

Group Emails:

We have all had an email sent to us that has also been cc’d to a number of our colleagues. Partner Mail can be set to check if an email has already been saved by one of your colleagues and warn you before saving. This eliminates the multiple copy of the same mail issue.

Incremental Saving:

Many emails are a series of back and forth conversations like a tennis rally. A new feature in Partner Mail gives you an option to save just the latest part of the conversation, not the entire file again. This makes life a lot easier when reviewing the file or preparing a brief.

Auto Prompt for Storing:

You can now place the file no. or client/matter code in the subject line of the mail and when you get a response Partner Mail will know where to save the email and will prompt you to do so. This can also run silently in the background, if you wish. It’s a great time saving feature that also helps eliminate the possible error of saving the email into the wrong matter.


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Enforce Naming Conventions:

The naming of emails is notoriously difficult to control in any office. You are at the mercy of the other side and also the re re re re fwd etc. phenomenon. With Partner Mail you can set rules on how emails are to be saved and enforce them without fee earner / secretary intervention.

For example you can decide that the emails are named: Recipient-date-description for every email sent and sender-date-description for every email received. You can decide how to name the emails and Partner Mail will enforce the rules for you. This will make it very easy to sort afterwards when reviewing a large file.

Time Recording:

Partner Mail will allow you record time on every mail, either automatically or on a mail by mail basis. This feature works for both outgoing and inbound emails. It helps remove another task for the busy fee earner.

These are some of the features of Partner Mail. It comes as part of the Partner Productivity Suite which includes Partner Word, Partner Excel, Partner Filer for PDF’s. The other tools do exactly the same thing but work in Word, Excel and Adobe Reader.


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