Mobile Digital Dictation – Dictation for people on the go!

Turn your mobile into a professional digital dictation device

DictaNet Mobile Digital Dictation software helps turn a user’s mobile into a hand-held digital dictation device. DictaNet Mobile enables users to perform the usual dictation functions – but with increased mobility and flexibility. DictaNet Mobile is compatible with many Smartphone devices, including Blackberry, Nokia and the iPhone.  Designed for Solicitors by DictaNet – Europe’s leading digital dictation software, it is easy to use, reliable and great value for money.

 Dictation has never been easier – dictate anywhere, on your phone and send the dictation back to the office immediately.

Mobile Dictation for Blackberry

Findentity Mobile Dictate created by Thax Software, enables Solicitors who use Blackberry devices to dictate – anytime, anywhere. Clear user interface with simple & intuitive thumb operation – Dictation has never been easier.
Turn your Blackberry into a personal digital dictation device. Findentity Mobile Dictate for the Blackberry Smartphone costs $149.99 USD.

Click here for more info (Link to the Blackberry site)


Mobile Dictation for iPhone

DictaNet have a great app for iPhone users. It is the world’s first wrist-operated professional dictation machine exclusively for your iPhone. Simple tipping / tilting of the iPhone in your wrist starts recording, pauses, plays back, fast-forwards and rewinds — all with the flick of a wrist!
It will integrate with your DictaNet system and only costs €9.99 from the app store.

Click here for more info (Link to Apple’s site)

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