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We’ve got you covered
We have designed plans to meet the specific needs of the legal sector, tailored to suit your practice.

Managed IT Services

Reactive IT, where problems are addressed after they happen, is an out-dated approach to maintaining a stable and secure IT environment.

We offer a comprehensive modern proactive service where we continually manage and monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure, pre-empting issues before they arise rather than waiting for a call to react to. With full visibility on all systems, and relevant reporting and statistics, you can be reassured that your systems are safe with us.

Managed IT services are more than just maintaining your current systems. We also continually assess your systems and advise on new technologies to ensure your firm can run as efficiently and securely as possible.

What’s included in the service:

Proactive service, up to 24/7 monitoring

Software patch management

Software & Asset management

Antivirus and backup monitoring

User helpdesk portal

Backup recovery testing

Regular reporting

PC & Server Optimisation

Security reviews

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Cyber Security

Security is now a crucial part of any IT strategy and plays a key role in our managed IT service plans. There are good reasons to leave the area of patching to IT specialists. We have the knowledge, skills and highly evolved patch management software to do the job properly.

Included in our security service:

Anti-virus software

Anti-ransomware software

Enterprise level patch management software

Software patch management policy

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within 6 months of a disaster.

When disaster strikes, it can hinder productivity, cause downtime, or in the worst case could cause extreme data loss that can cripple a business in seconds. Disasters aren’t just limited to physical failures either, cyber-attacks, ransomware, even user errors can all cause serious harm to your business.

It could take days to source, build and recover a server alone. Can your firm afford to be without your information systems during that time? Have you thought about how much it would cost your firm in lost productivity should your system go down?

Backup alone does not guarantee business continuity. It is essential to pair it with an effective disaster recovery solution. We offer a complete disaster recovery system that ensures your business can continue on, no matter what happens.


➔ Protect Anything, Anywhere
Systems, apps, data, either on Physical, Virtual or in the Cloud.
➔ Keep your Business Available
Redundant systems mirror your setup and can be called into action within minutes of your systems going down.
➔ Faster, more frequent restore points
Backup is near continuous so restoring data is quicker and more accurate than traditional backup solutions.

➔ Additional cloud-hosted continuity
A duplicate copy of all data is stored in secure cloud which can be set as your main system within minutes. Even if your server, buildings, backup devices were all completely destroyed (e.g. by fire) you still have access to your systems and data.
➔ Managed Disaster Recovery As A Service - DRaaS
We manage everything while you focus on your business.

Support Illustration

Support & Training

We offer a diversity of individual professional skills and expertise and work to develop the client’s understanding and practical use of the software supplied and installed by Legal IT.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We understand that most people don’t need to know the in-depth technical details of malicious software. With this in mind we have developed a tailored course to help you stay out of trouble. In simple straight-forward language we will provide your employees with the knowledge needed to recognise and prevent incidents – before they happen.

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Networks & Hardware

We cover all your firm's IT needs including networks and hardware - managing the computing hardware of your partners, fee earners and support teams is complicated and time-consuming.

Some benefits of our service:

Support your firm's needs

Get the right equipment

Effective migration services

Complete service offering

Connectivity solutions suitable for you

Ensure your firm is protected

Let’s talk about how we can help your company