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Each year the amount of information your firm produces increases and increases. Without an effective and coherent way of managing your documents, it can become increasingly difficult to find the information you want, when you want it.

Legal professionals in particular deal with thousands of critical documents and these all need to be properly stored so they can be easily accessible at any moment. That’s where document management comes in.

Document Management is not just about documents. Instead it encompasses all of your firm’s content. Whether this is email communications, scanned letters and paper documents, Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, images, maps – really anything that can be stored as a file. It can also give your firm more control over document security and access, making documents available to those who need to see it and unavailable to those that don’t need to see it.

Discover Worldox

If you are looking to take charge of your firm’s documents, then you need Worldox.

With Worldox you can control, organise and manage all your documents coherently. Now your colleagues and team members can instantly access whatever content they need, whenever they need it regardless of where or how that content was created. Even if this is hours, days or even years later.

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Sound good? Worldox offers a wide range of features tailored for the legal market. Let’s take a closer look at what Worldox can do for you.

  • Indexing Structure for Lawyers. Worldox understands how legal professional work on a daily basis and provides a customisable indexing structure and indexing fields that easily capture information pertinent to your firm or legal department. This makes it simple to profile and store your client matter, case files, documents, emails, letters, contracts etc.
  • Effortlessly Add Documents into Worldox. When you need to move your documents into Worldox this can be done in a number of ways. For example, within Microsoft Office Word you can quickly save to Worldox using Save/Save As or the QuickSave button. That’s not all, you can easily drag/drop files, right click and save any file, or use one of the many integrations to move your documents into Worldox. There is even a ‘WorkZone’ icon that sits at the top of your screen to make it easy to add documents to Worldox – regardless of what application you are using at the time.
  • Effortlessly Add Emails into Worldox. You don’t even need to leave Outlook to get your files in and out of Worldox. One of the best bits is Worldox actively monitors incoming and outgoing emails so you can – at all times – easily access your most recently used folders and easily save emails directly from Outlook.
  • Powerful Search Functionality. Easily find your document in an instant with Worldox. Whether you want to search for a specific uploaded file or search the contents of your document, Worldox has a solution for you. With a range of filters you can quickly search by index value, document ID, date range, terms, comments, categories (meta tags) etc.
  • Quickly View Contents. You don’t even need to open the file to quickly view and search the contents. With the Worldox inline document preview panel you can easily scroll through the contents of your document. You don’t even need to have the native application loaded on your pc – it can view hundreds of file formats.
  • Exceptional Simplicity & Usability. Worldox is so intuitive and easy to navigate that you will be able to learn to navigate in no time. It builds upon the basic file handling skills that users are familiar with when working with systems like Windows Explorer so you will be profiling like a pro before you know it!

About Worldox

Founded in 1988, Worldox Software Corportation is an innovative leading in the document management systems (DMS) category. With proven reliability for over 20 years, Worldox is a comprehensive document management solution with an install base of over 6000 companies in 52 countries worldwide.

Save and retrieve your content more efficiently than ever with Worldox. Ready to discover more? Get in touch with our team to arrange your FREE online demonstration today!

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