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Legal I.T. have developed a fully functional court & document bundling solution called Bundledocs.

Originally designed to replace Firmshare Brief Builder, Bundledocs is a feature rich alternative that significantly reduces the time and resources associated with document bundle creation. In short, Bundledocs document bundling software is designed to automate time consuming tasks to produce the perfect PDF bundle – quickly and easily.

Bundledocs is unique as it provides the flexibility and technology required to create the perfect document bundle. It automatically generates a full index, orders with multiple sections (if needed), paginates by superimposing page numbers on each page and hyperlinks to create your PDF bundle.

So what makes Bundledocs different?

One of the most important features is the ability to change what you have produced quickly and easily. For example, it is possible to add a new page to a group of 100 documents without having to re index. Our Document Bundling software is that powerful and easy to use.

Document Bundler can be used to produce booklets of title, court briefs, tenders, or any other collection of documents. Any document produced or scanned can be handled and included and can be configured to suit the way your firm works.

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Document Bundling has never been easier…

document-bundling-img-1Be prepared. Create your bundle early in the case. Add and amend your bundle as the case progresses.

Produce your Brief Quickly. Quickly generate your bundle. No need to waste time indexing, paginating, bookmarking, hyperlinking and producing multiple copies. Bundledocs software automatically handles this.

Easily Amend Bundles at the Last Minute. With unrivalled flexibility, any last minute changes or amendments are easily handled. With the automation of time consuming tasks, bundles are quickly updated and can be accessed immediately. Last minute changes made in minutes – not hours.

Create Print and Electronic Bundles. With Bundledocs you don’t have to choose between print or electronic versions of your bundle – you can have both – at no extra cost. Created as a single PDF you can view your bundle from any computer or device. Even use on your iPad with a PDF App to automate or to quickly search your brief.

Work on Bundle Anywhere. With 24/7 access, bundles can be accessed from any location and at any time. You are no longer confined to the office. Last minute changes can be completed from any location and are immediately available in electronic format.

Share with Counsel. Easily share your court bundle electronically with counsel. All exchanges are security restricted and there is no additional cost. Option to send directly or for larger bundles securely invite them to view.

Collaborative Work made Easy. Work together to create your case bundle. Grant access to colleagues or counsel allowing them to view and edit bundles. With effective collaboration there is no duplication, complete transparency of work done and each member can work together regardless of location or time zone.

Cost Neutral. Bundledocs can create a special report to run periodically which can post the costs as outlay to the correct ledger cards.

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