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Leading providers of Digital Dictation software in Ireland

Legal IT are the leading providers of Digital Dictation software in Ireland with over 150 client firms using our products. Our customers range from law firms (of all sizes) to government agencies to consultants.

When it comes to digital dictation, we’ve got you covered. We are agents for leading dictation solutions including DictaNet and Philips SpeechExec. Interested to learn more about our solutions? Let’s take a closer look…


Philips SpeechExec Dictation and Transcription Software

When it comes to dictation, Philips SpeechExec is your all-in-one solution. Philips SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software effortlessly links authors and transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organisational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a foot control.

Philips SpeechExec is the ideal solution for legal departments, law firms or any legal professional. Want to streamline the documentation process and maximize your time? Here are just some of the reasons to choose Philips SpeechExec Pro…

  • Efficient workflow management
  • Professional dictation recorder and transcription player
  • Notification pop-up alerts
  • File encryption and backup
  • Highest security
  • Integrated speech recognition (optional)


Fast, efficient and extremely secure, Philips SpeechExec guarantees perfect results every time. Check out the Philips SpeechExec website to learn more or get in touch with our dedicated support team who are happy to assist.



DictaNet Digital Dictation Software

DictaNet are market leaders in the European Digital Dictation Market with over 25,000 lawyers using the system. As leading providers of DictaNet dictation systems, we ourselves have over a thousand happy users in Ireland using DictaNet software.

digital-dictation-img-1DictaNet products are continually being developed and improved to meet the needs of their users. As well as integrating with Dragon voice recognition software, DictaNet is also available for iPhone.

DictaNet digital dictation software is not hardware specific and can be used in conjunction with many different hardware devices. Our preferred partner is Phillips, as their equipment is renowned for its robust nature and ease of use.



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What is Digital Dictation?

site-ico-img-10Digital dictation enables users to dictate directly into your computer – without the use of a tape recorder. The file you dictate can then be typed by your secretary, by a typing pool in your office, by a secretary in her own home or, indeed, by anybody anywhere with a computer.  No need to move tapes around. What you dictate is a computer file and it can be moved anywhere instantly. Dictation has never been easier.

Digital dictation is rapidly expanding as the most efficient way of doing business and as market leaders of digital dictation systems in Europe’s law offices, our range of dictation solutions can help change the way your firm dictates.

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Why is Digital Dictation Better?

  • Once you finish dictation, the file is with your secretary instantly.
  • For solicitors, dictation is exactly the same as before; no new technology to learn.
  • Dictate while out of the office and send dictation back instantly.
  • Dictate on your computer, your laptop, at home or anywhere.
  • Dictate on a mobile phone fitted with dictating software, and your message goes to your secretary immediately.
  • Secretarial to fee earner ratios can be decreased, and overtime and secretarial cover costs can be reduced. Digital dictation can pay for itself.

Benefits for Secretary/ Transcriber:

  • Secretaries find the quality of voice recording much better.
  • Dictation backlogs can be cleared easily and fairly between secretaries. Sharing of excess work becomes a more natural team responsibility.
  • Voice files can be processed as normal, or by job priority.
  • Secretarial workloads are much easier to manage, because you can monitor progress of digital “tapes” on screen.
  • Dictation can be prioritised electronically so that urgent matters jump the queue or transfer to another secretary.
  • If your secretary is on holidays, your work can transfer to others easily.
  • If you have a secretary working from her home, dictation can be sent to her in seconds and the typed files returned electronically.


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