Philips SpeechExec Enterprise

SpeechExec Enterprise facilitates communication by linking authors and transcriptionists using mobile or desktop applications. All workflow settings, as well as the hardware input devices, can be centrally administrated and configured. The solution is also Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and VMware ready, making the installation process easier and more convenient for both users and IT administrators.

Enterprise also includes all SpeechExec Pro dictation features.

Product Features

Ready for Mobile
Philips is leading the way with ground breaking mobile ability. Want to dictate via mobile? speak, send, done. It’s that easy. No cumbersome emailing of dictations, when you send a dictation via mobile it is sent securely & directly to your on-site server.

Statistics & Reporting
Philips SpeechExec makes it easy to view statistics on how your dictation system is performing in your environment.

Central Administration and AD Integration
Increase your organization’s productivity by managing users, licenses, devices (with PDRM Module) and system settings remotely. The central administration function facilitates the configuration of user and system settings. Active Directory support also allows for easier settings management and deployment.

Lockdown User Settings
Ensure your users settings do not get changed accidentally or on purpose, SpeechExec Enterprise stops the guess work and ensures users comply with settings that you setup.

Support for remote environments
Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and terminal server environments allow on-demand application delivery. SpeechExec can be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the data center and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere.

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