Cyber Security

Security is now a crucial part of any IT strategy, and plays a key role in our managed IT service plans. In addition to anti-virus and anti-ransomware software, we utilize enterprise level patch management software to help ensure all your devices are protected from software vulnerabilities. Implementing a software patch management policy is now considered an essential step in mitigating the risk to you, and your client’s data.

What are security patches?

Due to the nature and complexity of software like Microsoft Windows, these systems are not perfect when released to market. New security vulnerabilities and flaws are discovered constantly which malicious agents take advantage of to break into systems and destroy or steal data. Whenever a vulnerability or flaw is discovered the software company (eg Microsoft) releases a fix or “Patch” to close off the flaw or vulnerability.

What can happen if you aren’t patched?

One of the more high-profile cases in recent months was an attack on Norse Hydro, a global aluminium producer. 22,000 computers across 170 of their sites were taken down. The company is still struggling to get back to normal and the cost of recovery to date is well over 50 Million Euro. The virus spread by taking advantage of a security vulnerability in windows. Link to story :

Good reasons exist to leave the job of patching to IT specialists who have the knowledge, skills and highly evolved patch management software to the job properly.

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