Attach 2 PDF – Protect your work when sending emails

Legal I.T. has developed a new product called Attach 2 PDF. This will automatically convert all Word attachments (to emails) to PDF.

How it works:

A2P monitors your firms outgoing emails for attachments and automatically provides the option to convert to PDF format. This then locks down the sending attachment with the firms agreed security policy.

You still have the option to send the attachments as word docs, as sometimes firms want to allow the other party to edit the document.

.Doc Vs .PDF

Documents created through MS Word can be printed and viewed electronically. However, most users want to convert their Word documents to PDF as it makes the document more accessible to other users.

Most importantly the security feature provided by PDF is another important factor people want to convert their file to this format. A PDF file allows the user to authorise permission for other users to copy, print and edit the document which is a great plus point.

There are certain hardware prerequisites & A2P works with Outlook 2003 or newer.

Contact us for more details and pricing.

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