About Us

Legal I.T. is an Irish company which has been providing services to the legal profession for over 20 years. Utilising new technologies, Legal I.T. is firmly focused on technical excellence, customer care, developing leading edge software and forging long-term partnerships by offering excellent return on investment.

Legal I.T. dedicates itself to providing the most comprehensive range of I.T. solutions to solicitors in Ireland. We offer a complete service to customers, specialising in quality customer support. Areas include: Financial Management, Practice Management, Matter Management, Electronic Records Document Management System, cloud based document bundling software, digital dictation, remote bookkeeping services, back-office hardware/software support.

Our Approach

Project Management

Legal I.T. know that a smooth installation is helped by two things: Software that works and proper implementation and planning. For any firm looking at a new installation, let’s take a quick look at the steps involved…

Assigning a Project Manager

Any new installation, regardless of scale, will have an impact on your business. At Legal I.T. we want to ensure that this impact is a positive one – to secure maximum benefit with minimum disruption. To do this, we appoint a skilled Project Manager to control all aspects of the installation.

How will a Project Manager ensure a smooth installation? Your Project Manager will act as a fulcrum for the client/supplier relationship and will be responsible for the timely, on budget delivery of the agreed Project Plan. The Project Manager will form the principle link of contact with the firm and should be the first port of call in the event of any difficulties or issues arising.

Principle Point of Contact

For any installation, it would be hoped that you would assign a principle point of contact for the project. This individual will be able to have an informed view on the project and will also be available for contact. A busy litigation lawyer who is constantly in court is not a good candidate for this role!

Project Plan

The Project Manager will seek to prepare a Project Plan as soon as possible. This plan will be kept updated and will form the reference point for the progress of the installation. Regular updates of the plan will be provided to you.

Pre-Installation Meeting:

Prior to any installation commencing, there will be a meeting that takes place between you, your assigned Project Manager and the Legal IT Account Manager. This meeting will endeavour to ascertain all the necessary technical information along with all the training information required. It is also an opportunity to organise timescales, training dates etc. During this meeting all relevant information that is required will be discussed and subsequently, the appropriate initial consultancies will be arranged. Areas covered during the pre-installation meeting include:

  • Data Conversion
  • Backup Strategies
  • Implementation Management
  • External Connectivity (e-mail)
  • Third Party Product Integration
  • Automated Processes
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Training Strategy

Thinking about a new installation?

Call a member of our team today on +353 (0)21 4826320 or email us at info@legalit.ie

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