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IT Solutions for the Legal Profession

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What we do

We provide software and IT services to solicitors in Ireland

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Practice Management Software

Practice management is your accounting, billing, time recording, compliance and document management system.

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Document Management

Document Management controls, organises and manages all your documents seamlessly.

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IT Services

We provide a wide variety of IT services like cyber security, online backup, networks and hardware.

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Digital Dictation

Our software enables users to dictate directly into their computer without the use of a tape recorder.

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Bundledocs is designed to automate time consuming tasks to produce the perfect PDF bundle.

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Bookkeeping Service

Our management processes will increase your efficiency and contribute towards greater profitability.

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Our approach

For any firm looking at a new installation, here are the steps involved:


Project Initiation

We know that a smooth installation is helped by two things: Software that works and proper implementation and planning. It is at this point where we define the project at a high level and tie it into your needs.


Assigning a PM

Regardless of the installation scale, we appoint a skilled Project Manager to control all the phases of the implementation. Your project manager will be responsible for the timely, on budget delivery of the agreed Project Plan.


Point of Contact

For all installations you are best advised to assign an internal colleague who would become our main point of contact for the project. This appointed individual should coordinate all internal activities related to the project.


Project Planning

The Project Manager will prepare the Project Plan. This plan will be updated as the installation progresses with regular status updates available on our Project Portal.



The project takes shape during this phase. Final meetings are arranged gathering together all the technical, business process and training requirements. The final timeline for delivery is then agreed.

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